To measure gas consumption, you will need a gas meter equipped with a remote reading output/outlet and a suitable measuring probe. 

We supply measuring probes for some of the most common types of gas meters.


Gas consumption is measured by an S0 probe which reads the rotations of a magnet on a wheel inside the gas meter. Our probe then uses the magnetic element to measure the number of rotations of the wheel over time. The more of these impulses recorded - the more gas has passed through.

Each gas meter has a slightly different way to connect to this measuring instrument. That's why we have chosen the most common models of gas meters that gas distribution companies typically offer to their customers. In the following list, you will find the list of gas meters for which the probes have been prepared. If you have another gas meter, you can ask your gas supplier for it to be exchanged (this service should be free of charge, as, by law, the supplier is obliged to replace the gas meter at the customer's request) or additionally, one can connect any of the following types of gas meters in parallel. Installation requires the service of a professional.

Ways of gas probe connection

Plynoměr + ESC-INZ61

Gas meters compatible with the IN-Z61 probe

IN-Z61 is a low frequency probe suitable for all diaphragm/membrane gas meters Elster-Instromet, type BK-G1.6 to BK-G100. 

Usually the most common type in the Czech Republic.


Gas meters compatible with the G4/G6 RF1 probe

G4/G6 RF1 is a low frequency probe suitable for diaphragm /membrane gas meters Itron-Actaris RF1 – G4 and G6.


Gas meters compatible with the GALLUS 2000 G4 probe

GALLUS 2000 G4 is a low frequency sensor suitable for (household) diaphragm /membrane gas meters Schlumberger GALLUS 2000, in sizes G1.6 and also G2.5 and G4.