Water consumption is measured by recording the rotation of the wheel on the water meter – the higher the flow rate, the faster the wheel rotates. Currently, we have prepared and completed a probe for a water meter manufactured by the Bonega company. Specifically, it is a single-inlet blade household water-meter with internal slide control and a dry-running counter, with a wheel for photometric reading. There are two types of water-meters available for both cold and hot drinking water:   


  • Cold water 3/4 "BONEGA-SAe / 20-130-2,5-B 
  • Hot water 3/4 "BONEGA-TAe / 20-130-2,5-B


We are able to produce and deliver probes for other types of water meters; however, this has to be completed as a customization depending on the device. 

The easiest way to install these water meters is either to substitute the original (water meter) or place it next to it in parallel. The most common situation is that you have a cold-water intake and you're warming up hot water in a boiler. Therefore, the basic set includes a water meter for cold water 3/4 "BONEGA-SAe / 20-130-2,5-B.  In case you have a supply of cold and hot water from outside, you have to use two water meters - just leave a note in the order and we'll deliver one of each with the appropriate number of probes.