Pairing Process With the Homebase

  • By pressing the buttons on Homebase select the desired channel, onto which you want to pair the Powersense DC transmitter.
  • By the long press of both of the buttons on Homebase start the pairing process on the Homebase (display will indicate "----" and the colour will change to magenta).
  • By a long press of both buttons on the Powersense DC transmitter (more than 2s) start the pairing process on the transmitter (red LED indicator starts flashing in the 1s interval).
  • The Homebase display will show the DC rail voltage (for example 48V).
  • After 1 min the services will switch back to standard operations.

Standard Operations

  • The correct operations of the transmitter are indicated by the constant green light of LED indicator, and short flashes of the red one every 5 s (signifies a radio transmission).

Is it necessary to calibrate the probes during their usage?

  • No. The probes are calibrated in our production and should carry properties forever.

What is the accuracy of Powersense DC?

  • The declared precision is up to 2% from the nominal current (we offer 50A, 100A or 400A transducers), so for the 400A the effective precision is +-8A! So to measure low currents, with 400A is not a good set-up. Try to make the best estimation for your actual needs and choose the suitable transducers.