First installation

  1. Choose one of the empty channels on your Homebase and switch the Homebase into pairing mode. The Homebase remains in this mode for 1 minute.
  2. Take the transmitter and push the embedded button on the top for 2 seconds. Transmitter should pair with the Homebase.
  3. Attach the relay probe on your water meter. This set contains water meter Bonega which is compatible with supplied Transmitter.
  4. Connect the relay probe to the bottom port on the Transmitter.

On which types of water meters can the Relaysense Water Set be applied and how to connect the probe to the water meter?

  • The device can be applied to any water meter with a pulse output. Installation itself is done simply by connecting the two cables via terminal block.

All the Bonega water meters which you are offering are equipped with impulse output?

  • Yes.

What is a measuring resolution of Bonega water meters?

  • All Bonega water meters we offer have IPU 2000. That means water meter sends 2000 impulses while 1m3 (or 1000 litres) flow through it. So, the smallest resolution is 1 impulse per 0,5 litres of water. For every 0,5 litres of water, the meter sends 1 impulse.